Player Fees for 2017

  All members should register online. Please make sure you register before the first round of fixtures. 
Turf $545
Grass $440
Student Turf U23 $450
Student Grass U23 $360
Student U18 $410
Goalies 50%
Minkey $115
J1/2 $150
J3/4 $185
J5/6 $225
J7/8 $270
J9/10 $270
J11/12 $270


1. Junior social activity levy

The J1/2 fee include a social activity levy of $30

The J3/4, J5/6, J7/8, J9/10 and J11/12 fees include a social activity levy of $50

2. Juniors playing seniors

Where a member is eligible to play juniors but plays in a senior team and that team is his/her primary team, then the student U18 fee will apply. If there is doubt about which is the primary team, it will be based on the number of games played for the season.

3. Goalkeepers

Goalkeepers that provide all of their own equipment will pay 50% of the applicable fee. This will generally only occur in the senior grades.

4. Representative players

Members who are named in the Senior Australian squad or the Seniors Development squad, as named by the Australian selectors will have their fees waived.  AIS scholarship holders that are drafted to the club will also have their fees waived.

5. Coaching discounts

Members that coach a junior or senior team will have their fees waived and if the responsibility is shared the benefit is shared.