Junior Calendar -2017

Mouth guard fitting Sat 11th March 9-11am at Perry Lakes
J3/4 training starts Wednesday 22nd March
J1/2 training starts Wednesday 29th March
YMCC Junior Carnival Sunday 23rd April


Year 5/6 Training and Grading dates and information

Wed 1 March         4.30 to 6.30pm   Mouthguard fittings                    Perry Lakes
Wed 8 March         5pm                      1st training  (and continuing each Wed thereafter)   Perry Lakes
Wed 22 March       5pm                      Skills Identification sessions   Perry Lakes
Sat 25 March         9 to 11am            Game Play Grading session    Perry Lakes
Sun 23 April           All day                 YMCC Junior Carnival              Perry lakes
Sat 29 April            TBA                      HWA Grading Carnival             TBA
Sat 6 May               BYE                                                          
Wed 10 May          After training       Players Tea                                  Perry Lakes
Sat 13 May             TBA                      1st Game                                     TBA 


Year 7/8 Training and Grading dates and information

Wed 1 March         5pm                        Both      Mouthguard fittings                      Perry Lakes
Thur 9 March         5 to 6.30pm          Girls      1st training                                     Perry Lakes
Thur 9 March         5 to 6.30pm          Boys      1st training                                    Shenton Turf
Sat 11 March         9 to 11 am             Both       Mouthguard fittings                      Perry Lakes
Sat 11 March        6 to 7.30 pm         Girls       1st Grading session, skills         Shenton Turf
Sat 11 March         7 to 9pm                Boys      1st Grading session, skills         Shenton Turf
Thurs 16 March    5 to 6.30pm          Girls        Game Play Grading                   Perry Lakes
Thur 16 March      5 to 6.30pm          Boys       Game Play Grading                    Perry Lakes
Thur 23 March      5 to 6.30pm          Both        Year Group training (and continuing each Thu thereafter)      Perry Lakes or Shenton TBA
Sat 25 March         5.30 to 7pm          Boys       Game Play Grading                   Shenton Turf
Sun 26 March       5.30 to 7pm          Girls        Game Play Grading                    Shenton Turf                              
Sat 1 April              6 to 7.30pm*        Boys       Game Play Grading                    Shenton Turf
Sun 2 April             6 to 8pm               Both        Additional Grading if required TBA   Shenton Turf
Sun 23 April          All day                                    YMCC Junior Carnival              Perry Lakes
Sat 29 April            TBA                                        1st game                                       TBA


Year 11/12 Training and Grading dates and information

Thur 9 March            5 to 7pm           Boys      1st Grading session, skills              Perry Lakes
Thur 9 March     5.30 to 7pm        Girls       1st training          Shenton Turf
Thur 16 March   5 to 6.30pm       Girls       Training                Shenton Turf
Thur 16 March   7 to 9pm           Boys      Scratch Match Ladies 1’s               Shenton Turf
Sun 19 March    5.30 to 7pm        Girls       Game play grading           Shenton Turf
Thur 23 March   5 to 6.30pm        Girls       Training                Shenton Turf
Thur 23 March   5.30-7.00           Boys      Training                Shenton Turf
Sat 25 March      7.30 to 9pm        Boys      Game Play grading           Shenton Turf
Sun 26 March    6.30 to 8pm        Girls       Game play grading           Shenton Turf
Thur 30 March   5.30 to 7.00pm    Both      Training                Shenton Turf
Sun 2 April           6 to 8pm           Both      Additional Grading if required TBA           Shenton Turf
Sun 23 April        All day              YMCC Junior Carnival – 11/12 helpers required   Perry lakes
Fri 28 April          TBA                 1st game              TBA