J3/4 Competition (2019)

J3/4 Competition (2019)

Commencing 11th May, this is an interclub competition run by YMCC at Perry Lakes on Saturday mornings for school based teams as well as YMCC team. Teams are also invited from other local clubs. Games are played at 8.30, 9.30 and 10.30.



Fixtures for the first three weeks are here

Pool A

Pool B 

Pool C 

Fixtures for the compliment of the season will be available here prior to Round 4 (8th June)


Field Layout Map

Field numbers for J1/2 and J3/4  Field Layout Map



The teams play on an approximately 3/4 size field with 9 players on the field at a time. (No Goal Keeper).

The games are 2 halves of 20 minutes each with a 5 minute break at half time. No score is kept for the games and there is not a ladder.

Players will need a hockey stick, mouthguard and shin pads. Normal running shoes are suitable.


Teams are typically mixed boys and girls formed from children registered to play with YMCC.

Where preferred, teams may be school based, or if not preferred, mixed school YMCC teams.

Teams will typically wear YMCC uniform, or, if preferred a school uniform.

School based teams must appoint a team coach and manager who will liaise with the J 3/4 Coordinator (Paul Bignell). YMCC can offer assistance in coaching with training plans if required.

Each team will receive at the beginning of the season a bag of balls, bibs and cones. These must be returned to the J 3/4 Coordinator at the end of the season.


School Coordinators

Each school entering a team in the J 1/2 (or the J3/4) completion should have a coordinator (volunteers please, let Paul Bignell know if interested) to answer any questions that the parents may have. They will be responsible for organizing the teams and appointing a coach and manager. All players must be registered through the YMCC Hockey Club website.


Team Training

Default Training for YMCC J3/4 Teams is Wednesday, 5pm at Perry Lakes starting from 17th April (following the group sessions). Individual teams, however, are welcome to select a time, day, or location which suits them. Typically many of the school based teams will train at their school, before or after the school day, however they are welcome at Perry Lakes too.

In cases where team training time does not suit, children are always welcome to come and train with one of the mixed YMCC teams. Check with Paul Bignell for info on when these teams are training.


Round 1 – 11th May

The first game of the season is Saturday 11th May and weekly thereafter until 17th August.



There are no games on Sat 1st June, 6th July, 13th July and 20th July.


Wind Up Day

The YMCC J3/4 teams have a wind up day on Saturday 24th August.



The J 3/4 rules are modified to suit the age group and ensure safety. The J3/4 Rules are available here.

The coach may be on the field (but out of the way of the play) during the game providing support.


Fees and Registrations

The fees for the 2019 season for J3/4 are $190 per player to be paid at time of registration. This includes a $50 activity levy to cover costs of social events, wind up, medals and certificates etc. For J3/4 we ask that you register by Friday 15th March to best enable us to form teams.


Further information

Any questions regarding this competition please email Paul Bignell: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , 0423 549740