Club History

In 2008, the YMCA Coastal City (YMCC) Hockey Club celebrates two major milestones in the history of one of its three founding members - it is the 70th Year of the YMCA Hockey Club and the 50th CONSECUTIVE year in Men's First Grade, a feat not equalled by any other club in Perth.

It is also :

  • 84 years since the Surf Hockey Club came into being in 1924 to become a force in WA hockey until its amalgamation with the Floreat Park Ladies Hockey Club in 1988;
  • 59 years since the Floreat Park Ladies Hockey Club was created in 1949 to become a significant district club, joining with Surf in 1988 to become the Coastal City Hockey Club; and
  • 15 years since Coastal City joined with YMCA to become what it is today, the YMCC Hockey Club.
  • A Club of men and women, boys and girls - 24 teams in all catering for players of all ages, from 7 to 74.

In 2003, the 65th birthday celebrations included the selection of a Team of the Century for both men and women, involving players from the 8 decades that the three strands of the Club have been in existence.

The YMCA Hockey Club played first in 1938 and it took until 1958 to work its way up through the grades to win the second grade premiership to go into 1st Division in 1959.

The 40s did not yield any men players to the Team of the Century but it did see major contributions from Bill Boyce and Ron Glencross Snr., who not only played in our top team, and were President for some years, but most importantly brought their boys to the club to become stalwarts as players and administrators until the turn of the Century and beyond.

Meanwhile Surf was at the top of ladies hockey winning premierships most years; and Floreat was in its early years of development.

In the 50s, YMCA was building strength in its senior and junior boys teams, to move into 1st Division in 1959 where it has stayed continuously for 45 years, a feat equalled by only one other team over the years. John Crute, Des Kelly, Brian Glencross, Don Smart, John Halley and Trevor Gallagher are still closely associated with the Club and most are still playing.

This decade yielded three players to the Team of the Century - Brian Glencross, Olympian, Australian Captain, Women’s Olympic Gold Medal Coach; Don Smart, Olympian, brilliant forward and coach; Des Bassett, versatile forward and fullback.

Surf was in the finals almost every year with May Campbell,Australia 1935-48; Jean Wynne, Australia 1946-53; Morna Hyde, Australia late 40s (being the three Pearce sisters) and Joyce Bailey, Australia late 50s, being members of our Team of the Century. Floreat, meanwhile was doing well and progressing through the grades.

In the 60s YMCA continued to prosper being in the finals every year and in the Grand Finals on 7 occasions, winning in ’64, ’66 and ’68. We had our first Olympic representation with Don Smart, Brian Glencross and Don Martin. The decade also yielded Harold Christensen, David Hatt and Don Martin to the Team of the Century.

Surf was still appearing in most finals and Shirley Tonkin and Shirley Francis joined our Team of the Century from this decade. Floreat continued to progress and won its way into A Grade in 1968.

The 70s began with a volatile start for YMCA , facing relegation in 1971, but re-surging to win the premiership in 1972. It won grandfinals in ’72, ’75 and ’78 from 5 appearances. The decade yielded our second wave of Olympians - Grant Boyce, Terry Walsh and Terry Leece; and they, along with Craig Boyce and Colin Howell joined our Team of the Century.

Surf and Floreat were both doing well in the A grade and yielded Australian players and representatives to our Team of the Century - Di Troode, Marilyn McIntyre, Jan Ramshaw, Lee Clarke, Pam Glossop and Jill Fotheringham.

Highlights for YMCA in the 80s was winning the Big Four in 1985 (Challenge Cup, R & I Cup, Minor Premiers, Grand Final) with only 2 losses from 26 games; also winning the ’88 Grandfinal in an amazing comeback from 0 – 3 at half time. Brian Robinson (a 359 game veteran) and Geoffrey Bott joined our Team of the Century from this era.

Surf joined Floreat in ’88 to become Coastal City and continued in the A Grade for the decade yielding for the Team of the Century - Adele Boyce (Australia), Sue Skirrow, Colleen Pearce, Tricia Heberle (England and Great Britain Olympic Coach) and Rechelle Hawkes (Australian Captain).

The early 90s were years of rebuilding for YMCC men with Olympians Terry Leece and Grant Boyce as coaches bringing through many younger players in this period. We reached the grandfinals in ’97, ’98 and ’99, winning in the latter year. Three players made the Team of the Century - Cam Murray, Ian Wishart and Olympian Jason Duff.

YMCC women have competed well in the A Grade over the decade and although not adding to the Team of the Century in the 90s, is expected to do so in the first decade of the 21st Century.

The YMCC Hockey Club enters the 21st Century, mindful of its successes over 9 decades and confident of its future as a Club providing good hockey for all the family.