Social media Policy

Social Media and the internet are a great way for the YMCC community of players, sponsors, families and friends to communicate and keep connected. YMCC have an online presence through The Sportsman newsletter, its website, Facebook and Twitter. The Social media policy is intended to make sure that contributors to these forums help build a warm and welcoming experience for our online readers.

YMCC Social media usage guidelines:

1.       Always use social media network forums to add value and promote YMCC in a positive way.

2.       The web is permanent:

a.       Protect the privacy of yourself and others.

b.       Do not publish confidential or sensitive material.

c.       Pause and re-read before you send. Once posted, it is forever.

3.       The web is not anonymous:

a.       Comments can always be traced back to who made them. Even if you post anonymously.

b.       Make sure what you say are your own words. Do not impersonate others.

4.       The web can be read by everyone:

a.       Only say things that you would say to anyone in person.

b.       Make sure the content is suitable for all age groups. YMCC have lots of families and juniors.

c.       Be sure what you say is accurate. If you can’t be sure, don’t say it.

d.       Do not use offensive, insulting, provocative or hateful language.


5.       Show courtesy and respect for others and their opinions at all times.