YMCC Store

Welcome to the YMCC online store. The store provides general merchandise and all uniform supplies.


General Merchandise 



Notes on uniforms

  • Uniforms are now being purchased through the club and not FHE store as in previous years

  • To assist us ordering please order by 24 February, if you do this your order will be available in the first batch supplied, orders placed after the 24th will be filled if enough stock or by our second order

  • Old style shirts can still be worn this season however we are asking as many people as possible to change now to ensure team uniformity

  • Names on the back of shirts is only offered to senior players, junior players are not to order names on back of shirts

  • The sizing listed is half chest, (not the full circumference)

  • We expect delivery in April, for those that order by 24 February you will be able to change size if needed on pick up, no guarantees of this for order placed after 24th.

  • Each junior team will be supplied with a goalie shirt, junior goalies do not need to purchase a goalie shirt

For any queries please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.